Founded by André Amtoft, Anja Amtoft Wynns and Hans Peter Blichfeldt Dinesen and designed by architect Jeppe Utzon, habeetats home nesting shelters are based on prototypes developed and field tested by biologist and solitary bee expert Anja Amtoft Wynns. Our large habeetats nesting shelters are designed by architect Henrik Ingemann Nielsen for use in orchards and the agro-industry.

Habeetats nesting shelters accommodate Osmia (Mason) and Megachile (Leafcutter) species and have been scientifically tested and dimensioned to ensure an equal male to female ratio for population growth.  They are easy to mount, assemble and inspect and therefore also a great way to learn about the wonders of pollination. Each nest comes complete with an easy step-by-step manual and an extensive list of beneficial garden plants.

Habeetats nesting shelters are handcrafted in Denmark. Naturally we enjoy all things sustainable and therefore source our Dinesen Douglas Fir directly and locally from Dinesen's sawmill leftovers in Southern Jutland.  

Habeetats wouldn't have been possible without our wonderful friends: Agga Stage (art direction), Tobias Lund (illustration), Jesper Olsson (illustration and animation), Rikard Sundelin (copywriter), Jens Jacob Blichfeldt Dinesen (photographer), Christina Birch (photographer), Thomas Dinesen (dinesen douglas leftovers).