Nesting shelters for solitary bees

Solitary bees make up more than 90% of all bee species. Habeetats provides nesting shelters for these gentle and vital creatures so that we can tap into an abundant source of sustainable pollination.

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We come to you and tell you all
you need to know about solitary bees

with us

Partner up and collaborate with Habeetats to
design ecosystems that integrate solitary bees
and pollinator diversity into landscapes


For private gardens,
custom designs and diy.


For farming and crops,
based on a modular system.


Custom solutions
for special projects.

Solitary bees

“Plants and bees are coevolutionary. Meaning we can’t have biodiversity, without bee diversity!”

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Orchards & Agriculture

Solitary bees represent an untapped opportunity to significantly boost pollination and crop yields.

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Workshop with KADK students on designing multispecies dwelling units, for Dinesen countryhouse (2019).
Habeetats test site and talk on the benefits of managing solitary bees in agriculture and seedfarms for Farm of Ideas SeedExchange (2019).
Habeetats large scale landart installation at defunct airstrip at Ballerup municipality (2017).
Opening presentation and workshop at EUNIC sustainability festival in St. Petersburg. Invited by Danish Cultural Institute in collaboration with Goethe-Institute, The Finnish Institute, the French Institute and the Norwegian Consulate (2017).
Habeetats talk and workshop at GroSelv (Concito), Osram Huset, Copenhagen (2016).
Habeetats installation for ESOF in collaboration with Wooloo and Human Hotel. Carlsberg event (2014).
Big Seadday for East Danish Farmers, IPM (2014).
Design and use of habeetats nests for research project. A.Amtoft Wynns (2012).


Founded by André Amtoft, Anja Amtoft Wynns and Hans Peter Blichfeldt Dinesen, habeetats home nesting shelters are based on prototypes developed and field tested by biologist and solitary bee expert Anja Amtoft Wynns. Our small nesting shelters for homeowners are designed in collaboration with architect Jeppe Utzon and our large habeetats nesting shelters for use in orchards and the agro-industry are designed in collaboration with architect Henrik Ingemann Nielsen.